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Professor Game Podcast

May 4, 2020

Albert van der Meer is a Creative Gamification Consultant with aeStranger, which operates from and is based in the Netherlands. His lies specifically in narrative, visual entertainment and storytelling. With these skills and knowledge, Albert has helped businesses, educational institutions, and other corporate environments to better improve team cooperation and develop deeper, more meaningful learning experiences through the use of narrative and gameful design techniques. Before starting aeStranger, Albert worked several years as a media producer, a team-building facilitator and as a freelance filmmaker and producer in Europe and the UK. After a successful career in helping business schools, businesses, music and film talents, he decided to change careers and be a full-time gamification consultant and teambuilding facilitator. Albert now helps various institutions and individuals with delivering better learning experiences for their teams and clients. Albert also co-authored a book on gamification, called: Press Start: Using Gamification to Power-up your Marketing. The book offers straightforward advice and immediate applicability of marketing & gamification techniques. It’s aimed at marketers who wish to fully engage their customers in a positive and meaningful manner using game techniques.