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Professor Game Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

Quick update on our summer break! In the in the shownotes ( you can see our baby enjoying the sand and the water at the beach, but it didn't start out that way! Quick episode with a quick lesson I've been reminded of, and it has to do with the onboarding of experiences. Have a quick listen to...

Aug 21, 2023

Special episode Engagers! This is your reminder to take a step back of what·s been going on and to get your glass filled with energy once more!

Aug 14, 2023

This is a bonus on the series of the gamification process! It would be the seventh part of the series, so if you haven't listened to or seen Gamification Intro (Episode 295), Setting Up With Objectives for Gamification (Episode 296), Who Are Your Players (Episode 297), Choosing and Using Game Mechanics (Episode 298),...

Aug 7, 2023

Episode 300 is here!!! Wow, it's been a while, many interviews and some solo episodes like this one. Thanks for your support, whether starting just now or continued for many episodes, I appreciate you as an Engager and I'm sure you will continue to find value here. For this episode we close the cycle with playtesting...