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Professor Game Podcast

Jul 4, 2022

Keith is the EFMD Global Online Course Certification Scheme (EOCCS) Director, having worked with EFMD from 2014 to design and implement EOCCS. Managing a small but experienced team he leads various digital initiatives, including the EOCCS Online Community of Practice. Keith maintains an intensely practical approach to his role and champions e-learning and employability development at School, University, National and International levels. He has a wide experience in teaching internationally and of involvement in international Higher Education projects, including Banking simulation-based interventions both face-to-face and online. A former banking professional, he is an active member of the London Institute of Banking & Finance, with interests in credit appraisal, insolvency and operational management. Keith also operates his own Educational Consultancy, focusing on the design and delivery of research, webinars and workshops tailored to the needs of individual institutions.