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Professor Game Podcast

May 9, 2022

Dan leads the behavioural science practice within Ogilvy Consulting London looking after clients from the public and private sectors. He is a Practitioner, Speaker and Writer on the creative application of behavioural science to the world's stickiest challenges. Joining the practice at its commencement in 2012, he has worked on over 80 of the world’s major brands & organisations.  He has a diverse experience working across the design of products and services, consulting for organisational change and communications across all channels, across many markets. Whether that's designing first generation tech in Silicon Valley, reducing obesity in Mexico, changing cleaning habits in Beijing, call centres in India or shaping the retail environment in South Africa.  Dan co-leads the global hub in London and helped to roll out the practice across the Ogilvy network.  He has led pioneering projects with Spotify, Facebook, Unilever, Nestle, Public Health England, Gatwick Airport, ITV, the Times, British Airways, Mr Muscle, Diageo, Adobe, the EU Parliament, Comic Relief and many more. And won a range of awards from the Creative Circle, Cannes Lion to the Nudge awards.  He’s been lucky enough to be invited to speak to audiences in over 15 countries about the unseen opportunities behavioural science brings. Some highlights have been Harvard University, National Security summits, Marketing and Social Media conferences, Super Yacht congresses, financial conferences. He has also helped curate the world's largest festival of Behavioural Science, Nudgestock, since it began seven years ago.  Before Ogilvy, Dan was part of a research group at the University of York Psychology department looking at the real-world impacts of our mobile phone usage.