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Professor Game Podcast

Dec 19, 2022

Lincoln Stoller, Ph.D., CHt, CCPCPr From a family of artists and architects he became a scientist, finding inspiration in a succession of extraordinary mentors. A Caribbean fisherman and prophet, a tribal elder in the jungles of Panama, one physicist who invented quantum mechanics, another who invented the laser, and a dirt-bag mountaineer, to name a few. He spent a decade climbing mountains and traveling the world, 15 years as a physicist and astronomer in California, Massachusetts, and Texas, and 20 years as a software architect in New York. He began exploring altered states 50 years ago, psychedelics 25 years ago, and therapy 15 years ago when he developed and offered brain training protocols. He is now a hypnotherapist, neuropsychotherapist, certified clinical counselor, author, and educator. His practice is remote, based in British Columbia, Canada. Using the tools he has collected—combining his experience in somatic learning, scientific theory, and consciousness— he helps people understand the reality they create. Because he is independent, he doubts everything and insists on finding a comprehensive, personal understanding. He supports his clients in reinventing. It can happen quickly. He feels you can accomplish everything using your mind, depending on your ability to focus, perceive, create, integrate, and understand. Leave footprints, make waves.