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Professor Game Podcast

Sep 12, 2022

Dustin has experience working in the field of education in various capacities, including consulting, research, and running and hosting tutoring programs. He is now the owner of Board Gaming with Education's brick-and-mortar store "BGE's Tabletop." When Dustin was in the classroom he was always looking for ways to create a more engaging classroom to develop a strong classroom culture and strengthen learning and is thrilled to be able to provide similar positive tabletop gaming experiences to the community at BGE's. And he couldn't do it without the support of his amazing wife Grace. You can find Dustin playing board games with friends, running the store, running around LA training for races, or at any of the “BGE's Tabletop” events. We discuss the pivot that BGE and Dustin have made over the past couple of years and how that came about, listen in for another insightful conversation with Dustin!