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Professor Game Podcast | Rob Alvarez Bucholska chats with gamification gurus, experts and practitioners about education

Jan 23, 2023

What started off as playing games with some coworkers to pass the lunch hour has spun into so much more. Adam started playing The Settlers of Catan with about 4 or 5 coworkers from his division. Word got out that games were being played and within a few months, the group had grown to about 10 people. More games were introduced to the group, and more members joined. These new players came from other divisions in the company. After three years, the group had grown to over 20 people, played over two dozen games, and even spread to other buildings on campus. This led Adam and Tim to start creating and testing their own game designs on their coworkers. From this was born, Bearded Board Games. Again, as Adam's passion kept growing, he wanted to learn about more games that could be played over a lunch hour. Books were read. Podcasts listened to. Facebook groups joined. He then decided that other people should be playing games with their coworkers as well. Voila, Eat Lunch and Board Game came to life. It was an idea that took a long while to get off the ground. The COVID-19 pandemic gave Adam the time to focus and launch this podcast. If you have any ideas of who to interview within the industry, or a game that Adam should be playing and review, please send an email!